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Class description: World Art: Intro to Fine and Performance Art is a 4-week course dedicated to exploring various forms of visual art, music, and theatre. Topics covered include: Ancient Egyptian relief art, drums of the Mandike people, Renaissance and Classical music, Jazz and The Harlem Renaissance, The Mexican Revolution and Muralism,  Afrobeat and  its role in Nigerian politics, Hip-hop and more. This is not a performance course. Students will not be taught how to perform. Instead, students will be trained to evaluate and discuss art, will learn the historical and social impact of art movements and learn basic curating skills. Students will need access to internet and a computer to view videos for assignments. 


By the end of the course:


-Students will be able to identify at least four different eras of visual art;

-Students will be able to describe the role of the drum in ancient Africa to present day;

-Students will be able to write a substantive evaluative essay on an art piece/project;

-Students will learn terms helpful in evaluating music and visual art;

-Students will demonstrate understanding of how art impacted social movements in the United States and other countries.


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Dr. Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman is a homeschooling mother, a multi-media strategist and professional creative who has built an expansive interdisciplinary career as a professional in higher education, media, student development and the arts. Read her bio