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Class descriptionCreative Writing Roundtable is a 4-week course dedicated to exploring various poetry and short fiction forms. Students will create a portfolio of work, engage in peer review circles and read the work of prolific local, national and international writers. The class will culminate in a poetry reading for parents to attend.

 By the end of the course:


-Students will create a portfolio of at least 5 pieces of original work, including a screenplay for a 5-minute film;

-Students will understand the difference between various forms of poetry and short fiction;

-Students will evaluate creative writing effectively and give constructive feedback during peer reviews;

-Students will demonstrate the ability to attend to rewrites, edits and polishing of final drafts of writing;

-Students will employ foundations of good writing as explained in class;

-Students will present final versions of their work in a public forum.


Course Cost: $40

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Dr. Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman is a homeschooling mother, a multi-media strategist and professional creative who has built an expansive interdisciplinary career as a professional in higher education, media, student development and the arts. Read her bio




Khari Dawson is home-schooled 12th grader who is dual-enrolled at the Community College of Baltimore County. She has been writing since she was in elementary school and publishes her work on her online portfolio Her poetry and visual art has appeared in Reflections Literary and Arts Magazine, a publication of Prince George's Community College, and her journalistic work has appeared in Baltimore City Paper. She has studied writing at the University of Maryland, College Park and is a theatre program graduate of Benjamin Foulois Performing Arts Academy.